Who You Really Are

You are your desktop.

The following is a scaled-down representation of my current desktop configuration...I know, I know...you don't care what my desktop looks like...well...DEAL WITH IT. [Note: This has not been my desktop for a number of years.]
[Imagine a picture of a desktop]
Incidentally, the above desktop is only one example of an infinite number of desktop configurations under OS/2 v3.0 Warp. The IBM Web Exporer for OS/2 is the top-most window. The "Internet Connection" package that comes with OS/2 Warp includes support for DOS and Windows so you can use your existing DOS and Windows SLIP (Winsock compatible) programs alongside OS/2 SLIP programs like the IBM Web Explorer.

The other window is actually an open folder, my public_html directory where I store all of my local html files. OS/2 uses a mature and highly intuitive desktop metaphor, similar to that of the MacOS (Although OS/2's desktop allows more flexability in customization.). If the image were sharper, you might also notice that the filename index.html is possible under OS/2 when you use the HPFS (High Performance File System), OS/2's advanced file system which allows long names (up to 255 characters w/ special characters) and faster searching and file access.