The Tao of Tandem

"Hey, she's not pedaling!" -- Dumb Guy

When you hear the word "tandem", does the picture of some big, clumsy freak-machine ridden mainly be clowns in a circus? If this is the case, you might want to re-evalute some of your beliefs.

I'm writing this page with in the hope that it will serve to educate those of you in "cyber-space" who might be interested in the topic of tandem cycling. For the time being, this page will be mostly links. Unfortunately, I haven't the time to invest in a nice and informative web page. Please do explore what links there are, though (let me know if they've gone stale).

Also, please consider disconnecting from your internet provider, turning your monitor to suspend mode and taking a long scenic ride with a friend.

Please check out some of the following links:

Tandem Links

General Information Links Tandem Manufacturers
Tandem Magazine Santana Tandems
Bike'alog's Bike Specs '95 Cannondale Cycles
Bay Area Roaming Tandems Page Burley Design
VeloLinQ Cycling News (a few tandem references) Co-Motion Cycles
WWW Bike Repair Shop APS Recumbent Tandems
Components/Accessories Ibis Cycles
Totally Tandems Trek Cycles
Specialized daVinci Designs
S & S Couplings SJS Cycles
Eugene Area Stuff
Collins Cycle Shop

Please keep in mind that the above list will change with the wind. If your curiosity has been piqued and you would like more information, you might consider subscribing to the tandem@hobbes mailing list. It's a great source of information.

Interested in my personal thoughts on tandem cycling? You should be, because what I have to say is always interesting. Follow this link.

...And in case you are wondering, this page has been accessed XXXX times since July 30, 95.

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