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As you may have guessed, I'm something of an OS/2 enthusiast. Unfortunately, my knowledge is not limitless so I must seek help from others more knowledgeable than I (quite a bit, really). This page will help you to do the same. I've included several links to different OS/2 support pages, including IBM's and others', as well as several OS/2 newsgroups and some great FTP sites. I'll add more stuff as I come across it.

*** Hey!! Windows 95 ist jetzt hier! Follow this link if you want to be Win95 ready!

Care to change your WebExplorer animation? Follow this link to change it to a spinning OS/2 text!


Links to Other OS/2 Pages

If you're running OS/2 Warp and don't have the latest version of IBM's WebExplorer, be sure to use the "Retreive Software Updates" application that comes with the Internet Access Kit to get it. Or, if you'd rather, you can follow this link to ftp it. Also note that IBM recently put out a beta of their new Archie client for the OS/2 Presentation Manager. If you don't have this already, be sure to get it using the "Retreive Software Updates" application.

Of course if you can't even get the Internet Access Kit to work yet, getting the newest version of anything might be a problem. If you're dialing in from the University of Oregon (or anywhere, for that matter), check out this document written by Doug White to help you get started.

OS/2 Related FTP Sites

You might also try the Shareware Search Engine at FAGG if there's something in particular you are looking for.

Looking for ways to speed up OS/2 Warp? Follow this link to download Config Info 4, a program which scans your config.sys file and tells you what you can do to speed up your system!

OS/2 Newsgroups

If you still have unanswered questions regarding OS/2, specifically the newest verion "Warp" (OS/2 version 3.0), follow this link to access the latest OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions list in html format.

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